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Housed within the College of Health and Human Services is a hidden gem: Eagle Nutrition Services (ENS). ENS originated out of a need to provide dietetic students with an outlet to learn how self-employed dietitians run their own private-practice businesses. Through their time spent at ENS, our dietetic students have opportunities to practice counseling skills, to run community events such as cooking demonstrations and presentations, and to develop entrepreneurial skills such as marketing and budgeting. Registered Dietitians are on staff to supervise the students and to lend their expertise during client sessions.

ENS staff prepare for a presentation.

ENS staff prepare for a presentation on 10/17 for the Halle Library event called “Adulting 101: Healthy Dorm Cooking.

While ENS is run just like any other business, there are two key differences, both of which benefit the clients who use these services. The main difference is affordability – our goal is to provide EMU students, staff and faculty, as well as the community in general, with low-cost nutrition services. It is our belief that expert nutrition advice shouldn’t come with a high price tag! We also understand that those who need nutrition advice the most, are usually those that don’t have much money to spend. Another key difference to the ENS business model is that revenue generated goes back into the community through free nutrition events, free cooking classes, and other large scale nutrition-focused education. Low-cost services with a high desire to give back to the community – that’s what makes ENS a gem on campus!

Curious about our services? ENS offers individualized nutrition counseling on topics ranging from weight management to nutrition-based disease management to sports nutrition.  Want to learn more about your body composition?  We offer a full-body x-ray scan called DEXA, which is the gold standard in analyzing total body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and bone mineral density. Our state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen provides a hands-on learning environment for our cooking classes.  Want to bring a nutrition presentation to your group?  No problem. Just call ENS!

Students cooking in class demo.

Dietetic students Allison, Isaac, and Wendy share dorm room cooking hacks with a group of students at Halle Library.

This month, Eagle Nutrition Services is hosting a DEXA Day for EMU faculty and staff. Schedule a DEXA on Wednesday, October 31st for just $60! This scan retails for hundreds of dollars at other locations. It only takes about 10 minutes to perform and participants receive immediate results, explained by a Registered Dietitian. In November, our Senior dietetic students are hosting a free, two-hour class for Senior citizens (55+) titled Boost Your Brain Power Through Food, which will include a food demo and tasting, bingo, and prizes!  Call 734.487.6572 for details. You can also click here for more information on Eagle Nutrition Services.

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