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 Public Health Major

Improving Health across Populations

What if there were no public health education efforts? What if people were completely uneducated about proper health practices? A population with little to no understanding about their health is not sustainable. That’s why public health educators are so incredibly important. They help to ensure that the general public in neighborhoods, states and across the nation understand critical health living skills, research for disease, and work to prevent sickness and injury.

Public health education systems in communities help to promote healthy lifestyles, educate individuals, and transform lives. These systems typically offer access to immunizations programs, healthy planning and education courses. Our program will aid you in developing the skills needed for a career in public health settings or continuing education.

Our Programs:

At EMU, our School of Health Sciences offers one undergraduate major program in Public Health.

  • Public Health Major

Why Study with EMU?

Our Public Health program empowers our students to make an important impact on their communities.

  • Coursework covers a broad range of public health topics and a student selected “track” of interest: community health education or health administration.
  • Learn about the public health care and U.S. health care systems and how they play into our everyday lives.
  • Make a difference in a positive way on future generations.

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