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 Master of Science in Health Education (HLTE) Public Health Major - Community Health Education Track Health Education Minor School Health Education Minor


Are you passionate about creating a healthier environment for people? Are you driven to educate people about the issues that affect their health and how they can change? Health Education Specialists are on the front-line of public health, advocating for healthier individuals, families and communities!

Health Education Specialists are skilled in promoting health behaviors and policies that prevent disease and injury and enhance community health and quality of life. The Health Education program at EMU can help you gain the skills to design and deliver evidence-based health education programs to improve health


The Health Education program at EMU offers a Health Education Master’s Degree, an undergraduate Community Health Education Track as part of a Public Health Major, and two undergraduate minors. Are you interested in joining the ranks of the Health Education Specialist? We have a program to meet your needs.

  • Master of Science in Health Education
  • Public Health Major – Community Health Education Track
  • Health Education Minor
  • School Health Education Minor


As a student in the Health Education Program you will experience smaller class sizes, student centered professors, and peers who are excited about learning the skills of a Health Education Specialist. Ganem Marouf, an undergraduate in EMU’s Community Health Education Track sums it up this way: “I’m enjoying my classes. The staff is so approachable and I’m forming connections. I chose community health education because I want to promote better health. Our health system is so focused on treating disease, but not prevention. Public health is where it’s at.”

The Health Education Program at EMU collaborates with EMU’s Office of Health Promotion to provide students with real-world opportunities to plan, implement and evaluate health education programs both on campus and within the local community. EMU’s Health Education programs and courses are competency-based. After successfully completing the undergraduate Community Health Education Track or the Health Education Master’s program you will be eligible to take the national Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Exam.

The need for Health Education Specialists continues to grow! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth of 12% by 2024, a rate of growth above the 7% average for all occupations. If you are interested in advocating for better health for individuals, families, and communities, we want to work with you to help you gain the skills and knowledge to become a successful Health Education Specialist!

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