Preventing, Protecting & Reacting to Athletic Injuries

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 Athletic Training Major

Athletic Trainers are the greatest resource for athletes and the physically active population. Athletic Trainers can work in a variety of settings. They are on the sidelines of footballs games, back stage of a ballet, on base at a military camp, or even in a physician’s office. The goals of the athletic trainer are to maintain the health and performance of athletes and the physically active, or get them back to play as quickly and safely as possible once an injury occurs.

Perhaps you have experienced a sports induced injury or have witnessed one take place in a game. Athletic trainers are the first responders to these injuries. They are trained to assess the situation and use critical-thinking to quickly determine the best course of action. Our program can give you the knowledge needed to make the most effective decisions on the spot.

The Athletic training program at EMU provides the foundation and skills for you to be able to react and think quickly on your feet. You will learn how to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injuries and medical conditions. The skills you learn will allow you to become an effective member of the allied health care community, collaborating with physicians, physical therapists, dieticians, and other sports medicine professionals.

Our Programs:

Our Athletic Training program at EMU offers an undergraduate degree that is in good standing with the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

  • Athletic Training Major

When You Study at EMU:

EMU’s Athletic training program is rooted in a strong scientific foundation and fosters critical thinking. Our program enables you to provide an excellent and effective level of care. You will have a variety of hands-on experiences within the field of Athletic Training. You will:

  • Engage in hands-on learning with directed practice and skill applications.
  • Participate in clinical education, including experiences with EMU athletics, local high schools, and sports medicine clinics.
  • Develop into an ethically, morally, and intellectually competent allied health care professional.

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