On-Campus Nursing Simulation Lab at EMU: Dedicated to Preparing Students for Real Life Situations

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Nursing students practicing care on a 
simulation infant.

Nursing students practicing care on a simulation infant.

In 2015, Eastern Michigan University’s School of Nursing was given special permission to transform an ordinary classroom into a state-of-the-art nursing simulation lab. The number of students entering the nursing program was dramatically on the rise; the classrooms needed to keep pace with the growing needs of their students. EMU needed a place that would help students refine their skills and become better nurses. Thus the nursing simulation lab was born.

At the on-campus simulation lab, students are able to practice on and experience several different patient care simulations including the birthing process, congestive heart failure, diabetes, pneumonia and other less acute conditions. The models in the simulation lab allow students to provide care to a wide range of ages spanning from newborns to geriatric patients. EMU’s simulation lab can essentially mimic almost any patient scenario that a future nurse may reasonably experience.

Nursing students receiving instruction during simulation lab.

Nursing students receiving instruction during simulation lab.

Aside from refining their technical skills, students are also able to hone their communication and critical thinking skills. The simulation lab prepares students for the stress and demands of the job by imitating an actual hospital setting. Practicing on life-like manikins helps prepare our nursing students in a controlled academic environment, allows practice in high risk situations and improves their confidence and competence in the workplace.

The simulation lab was designed and funded entirely by the School of Nursing through student fees and donations from friends, family and alumni. To continue to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, the School of Nursing is dedicated to investing in updated manikins and equipment.

“We are indebted to our donors commitment over many years to make this come together,” Dr. Michael Williams, PhD, RN, CCRN, CNE, Director and Associate Professor.

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  • Kitty Heiss

    I absolutely love that EMU has developed a Sim Lab!! As an Asst. Prof of Nursing I have come to realize the wonderful and “Safe” experiences our Sim Labs are able to provide to our future nurses. Case scenarios, on-the-spot treatment, and debriefing exercises expand our students’ experiences, provide them with confidence, and allow them to realize the rationale behind their didactic and clinical educational components.

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