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Scholarships are a vital part of the College of Health & Human Services at EMU. Scholarships are a financial representation of everything that this college stands for – working together and improving lives. The combined contributions of our alumni and donors help fuel the scholarship funds that keep our innovative, hardworking students in the classroom.

Last year alone, generous alumni and donors (like yourself) provided more than $70,000 in scholarships to students who couldn’t afford their education without support. Our students are beyond grateful!

Tamara Ostin family photo

Tamara Ostin – Recipient of the Marguerite Evans Grills Memorial Scholarship!

Take Tamara Ostin for example, a student in our Physicians Assistant program. Tamara is a single mother of two with a strong sense of community. In 2012 her family experienced a devastating house fire that left them temporarily homeless. The support and care her family received from the community influenced Tamara to give back and help others – that’s why she is studying to become a Physicians Assistant.

Between raising her two young children and going to school full time, Tamara is unable to work and has made significant sacrifices. Her family lives off of student loans in low-income housing, and relies on government assistance for food and medical benefits. Despite these hardships, Tamara is a driven student with a 3.7 GPA, serves as the class MAPA student representative, and is researching how to improve the PA didactic simulation experience to reduce anxiety in first-year PA Students.

Due of Tamara’s unwavering selflessness, her passion for helping others and improving lives, Tamara was awarded the Marguerite Evans Grills Memorial Scholarship – a scholarship funded from your generous contributions.

Kathy Reuss Picture

Kathleen Reuss – Recipient of the Ingerson Memorial Scholarship!

Kathleen Reus is another example of how your scholarship contributions radically transform lives. Kathleen is a 2nd year student in the Masters of Occupation Therapy program. After her husband of nearly 20 years sustained significant brain injury from a sudden cardiac arrest, Kathleen was inspired by the medical professionals who worked patiently to rehabilitate her husband. Unfortunately, Kathleen’s husband suffered another cardiac arrest and passed away. His passing solidified Kathleen’s decision to become an occupational therapist. Kathleen became dedicated to helping others like her late husband. To help Kathleen cover educational costs, she was awarded the 2015-2016 Ingerson Memorial Scholarship.

On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff in the College of Health & Human Services, we thank you for your support. You are making an immediate impact in the lives of our students and the lives they touch.

Please, give a gift now to show your support for our students- gifts of all sizes make a difference! To make a difference today, click “Donate Now” on this page!

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