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The CHDIS: Developing strategies for improving the health of underserved communities.

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In January 2019, the Center for Health Disparities Innovation and Studies (CHDIS) officially opened. Its mission is to reduce health disparities in underserved populations and communities through research, services, and academic partnerships. The CHDIS uses an integrative approach to explore the causes of existing health disparities, and to develop strategies to reduce these health disparities... Read more

The 2nd Annual Healthcare Next Generation!

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Once again, the College of Health and Human Services partnered with the Canton Chamber of Commerce, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, and Beaumont Medical Center to offer the 2nd Annual Healthcare Next Generation event for 110 students from the Plymouth Canton School District. One strategy for combating the healthcare and human services talent shortage... Read more

Meet This Year’s Outstanding CHHS Students!

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The College of Health and Human Services hosted it’s annual Spring Recognition Ceremony on Monday, April 8th. The outstanding students honored during the event were nominated by the faculty. Their accomplishments to date are extraordinary, and they will make significant contributions in their intended health and human services professions.   School of Health Promotion and... Read more

Northern Exposure: A Physician Assistant Student’s Alaskan Adventure

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As the students in EMU’s Physician Assistant program can attest, medical training is mentally and emotionally taxing. Especially during the clinical year of their training. In addition to participating in required rotations, students can choose from a number of elective rotations to enhance their training. Second year PA student, Andrea Thelen, chose to embark on... Read more

Meet the Office of Health Promotion

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The Office of Health Promotion (OHP) was established in 2014. It is an extension of the Public Health Education Program in the School of Health Promotion and Human Performance, and is led by Dr. Jeff Schulz. OHP’s mission is to provide opportunities for students and faculty to enhance the health and wellbeing of the EMU... Read more

Bras For A Cause

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It was just a normal class session in Dave Manville’s SWKE 447/547: Human Trafficking: Implications for Social Workers course last winter. That is, until one of his students introduced the program “Bras for a Cause.” Through the collection and donation of gently used and new bras, they helped women freed from sex trafficking in Uganda... Read more

The Second Annual IPE Sim Day!

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On November 16th, the College of Health and Human Services held its Second Annual IPE Simulation Day. The IPE Sim Day is a simulation exercise that allows students from each of the different majors of the CHHS to work with one another while treating a standardized patient. Students gain experience in dealing with other specialities... Read more

The Eagle Nutrition Services!

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Housed within the College of Health and Human Services is a hidden gem: Eagle Nutrition Services (ENS). ENS originated out of a need to provide dietetic students with an outlet to learn how self-employed dietitians run their own private-practice businesses. Through their time spent at ENS, our dietetic students have opportunities to practice counseling skills,... Read more