Our Purpose

For the advancement of society and the betterment of humanity, there is no greater need than the continued pursuit of improving the physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing of human life.

In order to improve human lives and facilitate change, it is essential for the healthcare and human services professionals of tomorrow to not only know how to provide their patients and clients with unparalleled care, but also how to adapt, innovate, and communicate on a higher level.

Our Educational Components

Because of the indispensable function that Health and Human Services plays in humanity’s future success, the College of Health & Human Services at Eastern Michigan University ensures that you have access to the best resources available to help you in the pursuit of your passion.


Faculty & Staff

We employ a remarkable group of faculty and staff members with extensive industry experience, innovative minds, and a passion for helping others. Everyone who represents the College of Health & Human Services recognizes how important it it to properly prepare the health and human services professionals of tomorrow and will heavily invest their time and knowledge with you.


Facilities & Technology

Our facilities were designed with your educational success in mind. As a student in the College of Health & Human Services you will have access to a wide array of professional laboratories, technology rich classrooms, training and simulation centers equipped with the tools and technology that you will encounter in your future profession.


Relevant Curriculums

We believe that in order to radically improve lives through health and human services, your education should be timely and relevant to the careers of the present and future. Our curriculums are designed to give you a solid foundational background while also providing you with practical and relevant knowledge and training, and critical thinking skills so you can continue to innovate and push the envelope far beyond your time here.



Healthcare and Human Service issues are quite often complex and will require you to collaborate with other professionals in other disciplines. We encourage collaboration in our projects and research and will provide you with the tools, technology, and training necessary to make you an interprofessional team member!

Who We Are

We are the College of Health & Human Services at Eastern Michigan University. We provide industry-leading academic knowledge and practical, real-world training opportunities to the healthcare and human service professionals of tomorrow!